The personal character

“Neapolitan men have a unique taste, which is almost part of their chromosomal inheritance” ( Nicola) ( Nicola)

The unique elegance of Neapolitan tailoring is informal, distinctive and manly.

The suits in Neapolitan line are typical of a lifestyle which is far from being a passing fashion.

It is a classy way of getting dressed while feeling comfortable in what one is wearing. This manner of making clothes has remained unchanged over the centuries thanks to a handicraft trade, the hallmark of which is the outerwear.

The jacket which “zompa arrèto”

The back of the jacket is shorter. The long pleat at the front is shorter at the back and makes the jacket easily “slide” over the body.

The “rags” sleeve

The well-worn looking sleeve, often with pleated shoulder seams, makes it easy to move naturally, lending a cool and nonchalant air, never too formal.

The “hammer shaped” slash

The jacket is opened over the geometric pattern shirt with revers

The Neapolitan shoulder

It is a soft unpadded shoulder matching the shapes of the body.

The “bateau” breast pocket

It is slightly raised outwards

The “tre bottoni strappato a due”

The first of the three buttons is always undone.