“ Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well dressed” (Charles Dickens)

Meeting the elegance

The very first step towards the creation of a tailored-made suit lies in positive interaction and cooperation between the tailor and his customer. The first meeting as well as the following appointments are fundamental to their mutual knowledge, understanding and sympathy, which helps the tailor interpret the customer’s taste and wishes. As a result, he will be able to sew a suit which fits like a second skin, in perfect size and style.

This is why, in order to tailor each of his suits, Luigi Dalcuore meets the customer on a regular basis, following an effective and consolidated practice.

1) The first meeting at the tailor’s shop

During this meeting, they choose the fabrics, buttons and model for the suit to be tailored.

After listening to his customer’s needs, the tailor suggests the best solution paying special attention to the right matching so that the suit appears to be harmonious and suitable for any specific occasion it has been asked for.

It is important that the fabric and chosen model go with each other, and the lining, either ton sur ton or in contrasting colors, should always give rise to a nice combination. Finally, the focus is on the buttons adding to the elegance of the suit.

Soon afterwards, it is measuring time. The tailor takes and records the customer’s measure, which is essential to sew a bespoke suit.

2) The first fitting

After designing, cutting and basting the suit, it is time for the first fitting. This is rather an exciting moment for the customer, it is in fact the first time he can look at himself in the mirror with his new suit.

As to the tailor, he has the opportunity to verify whether or not he has done a good job and, if necessary, make the most appropriate alterations.

3) The second fitting

It is not always essential, but it may be necessary in the case of a first suit tailored by the atelier for the customer according to a specific model.

The second fitting is the final one and comes before the delivery of the manufactured made-to-measure suit.