“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” (Oscar Wilde)

Outerwear is the most important part of a suit.

It gives it a typical manly look, makes it more formal, casual, free and easy or even old-fashioned. Outerwear is the hardest piece to sew when creating a sartorial suit. In fact, a suit consists of several pieces, all of which are designed, hand cut and hand sewn by Luigi Dalcuore who is able to create handmade sartorial masterpieces standing the test of time, fashions and generations.

The right side

Either single-breasted or double-breasted, the right side of the outerwear is made up of two pieces

The collar with revers

Revers are large and give a special look to Neapolitan outerwear


Either ton sur ton or in contrasting colors, the lining covers the seams and rounds off the suit

“Bateau” breast pocket

With its raised outwards, it is a typical element of Neapolitan sartorial suits

The back

In Neapolitan tailoring, it is usually shorter than the right side


So-called “rags” sleeves with a short armhole and a soft shoulder are suitable for moving freely and always give a natural look


Side pockets can be simple or with exterior flaps and are intended to give the suit either a more informal or a more formal style

Buttons and buttonholes

Pearl buttons and hand sewn buttonholes are major traits of sartorial suits