Dalcuore believes that a bespoke suit should respect not merely the measurements, but the tastes and habits of who will wear it. Therefore he listens and complies with apparently trivial needs, like the depth or position of an inner pocket. Afterall a garment like this is inhabited like a home and one must be able to love its functionality along with its look.

The red tack

For obvious reasons linked to the surname, blood red is Dalcuore’s signature color. Unless there are specific differing requests, all his jackets feature the tiniest red tack at the very edge of their left lapel. It’s the hallmark of a very exclusive club that has members in every corner of the world.

The heart

In each Dalcuore suit there is another symbol. Hidden, silent, vital, a little red heart closes the inner pocket of the jacket. It’s a button, but also a talisman that Cristina loves to sew personally and always in the same way, to make sure it is loaded with positive intentions.

The shoulder

Among the details that make Dalcuore’s jackets so easily recognizable there is a typically light yet active shoulder. Its distinctive style, that requires the most refined neapolitan technique, is based on the idea that to achieve a truly natural shoulder you can’t just strip it of the inner parts, first you must make them unnecessary by building something that has a structure of its own.

The sleeve

If applied sleekly on a well executed armhole, the sleeve can hide and dignify the arm just as trousers do with legs.
While moving, it holds in place on it’s own, without bothering or dragging the shoulder or breast. If you encounter such a sleeve it is most likely going to be a Dalcuore.

Peculiar construction methods

A good tailor should master several different methods of construction in order to adopt the more suitable one for each occasion. For example, when working with textiles with big patterns, Dalcuore suggests a one piece back that leaves the design intact. In the same scenario, or when using textiles with very spaced-out stripes, the front darts can be moved back and hidden, to avoid an unpleasant visual effect.

The placquet

Trousers, like shoes, can close in a lot of different ways. Each way has its own personality, going from formal all the way to sporty. Dalcuore has the skills to adapt style and technical choices both to the client’s taste and fabric, giving the trousers not only the perfect line but also the right placquet.


A knowledgeable client is aware of the importance of linings and carefully chooses not only it’s color and pattern, but also the weight and method of application. The combinations are endless, but this is yet another case where you can rely on the advice of the master or Cristina, who’s an authentic textile expert.

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