A Dalcuore suit is one of a kind, just like the man wearing it. It reflects his character, his bearing, his approach to social circles. To convey this vision we cut our suits on the personality rather than only on the body of our clients.

2021 Creations

Last creations from Dalcuore Atelier

On the streets of Naples

The city once known as Parthenope is so beautiful it hurts. Only who lived it and the people that inhabit it know this feeling.

Dolce vita in the Costiera

A walk in Positano, along the paths beaten by the gods: an experience you won’t easily forget.

A Dalcuore suit

Our garments lack a place or time of choice, as they reflect you, on any occasion, wherever you go.

Sartoria Dalcuore

Via Francesco Caracciolo, 17
80122 Napoli NA

(+39) 081 764 5785