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Cream Trousers


Size: 48
Fabric: Flanel
Weight: 400 gr
Half-waist: 43 cm

** Any taxes or duties, which may vary depending on the country of destination, will be paid by the buyer.


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So far, so close. We thought we’d give you a little surprise, a way to make you feel Dalcuore’s affection even in this period. From today we will offer rare pieces, unique suits made for unique occasions. Models presented at Pitti in recent years, and not to be put on the market. We will reveal them a little at a time, at prices that are absolutely out of the market. A special gift for our most loyal customers.


Vivi tutta l'emozione della realizzazione dei tuoi abiti Dalcuore, con un'esperienza unica. Alloggia nelle migliori strutture alberghiere e scopri i ristoranti partenopei più importanti, in partnership con la Sartoria Dalcuore.


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